Learning the Morse Code (CW) Info Links

CW Classes on Rockford VHF Nets Three Nights a Week!
At conclusion of Mon, Tue, and Thu 7PM Roundtable VHF Nets,
Larry K9KZT conducts CW lessons. Please tune in on 147.195, alternate 146.610!
RARA CW Net every Wed 8PM 28.150.
Beginners welcome! We start at 8WPM and adjust speed to suit anyone.
When you hear "QNI K" that means check in.
If you think you can't copy fast enough, don't worry: just sign in with your call and "short time".
Dive in and don't be afraid of making mistakes! We are here to break things.
ARRL Code Practice Audio Files
How To Learn CW
Learning the Morse Code – Tools and Techniques
NW7US Morse Code (CW) Radio Center
CW Learning Aids
Learn CW using the Koch Method
CW-Morse Code
Morse Resource
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