RARA 2018 Club Meeting Programs

January Awards Dinner at Gerry's Pizza
February Meeting Cancelled Due to Winter Storm
March Soldering Skills For Beginers - Randy Long AC9OF
April Fox Hunting - Randy Long AC9OF
May Digital Communications - FT8 - Jennifer Van Zieleghen KD9FMJ

1st Half - Field Day Preparation and Planning - Greg Kuczek W9VOX

2nd Half - How fast can a Radio Emergency Happen? - Randy Long AC9OF

July System Fusion Digital Voice - Mark Thompson WB9QZB
August Portable Radio Systems - Jennifer Van Zieleghen KD9FMJ
September Exothermic/Cadwelding Earth Grounding Cables - Randy Long AC9OF +
October Satellite Communications & Equipment - JoAnne Maenpaa - K9JKM + RARA Officer Nominations
November Contesting - TBA + RARA 2019 Elections
December Connectors - Power Pole & Cable Assembly - Randy Long AC9OF
January Awards Dinner